About me

Atbaf Abrak is a popular Urdu poet. He is living in Lahore, Pakistan. He starts sharing his Urdu poetry on facebook. you can also read Atbaf Abrak poetry on facebook. you can read his own full Urdu ghazals with images from Atbaf Abrak. you will be able to share all of Atbaf Abrak Poetry in both text and image form.
His real name is Aftab Akbar, but He is know as Atbaf Abrak.


The fact that this website is a revelation of poetry in Urdu certainly deserves your appreciation. Poetry is a personal and emotional genre, so it is difficult to explain what constitutes poetry. However, we can summarize it in the following definitions of poetry:
• The expression of the heart, of the human experience, of the feelings and thoughts.
• Express facts with inappropriate words.
• A description of life has been written with imagination and emotion.
• The most popular literary genre.
• The source of civilization, the constitution, and various arts and crafts.
• The brew of all knowledge and trade. An element of surprise for us.
• An art through which a poet can excite the emotions and feelings of others.
• Express an ordinary event in an effective and engaging writing style that creates a living reaction in the heart and mind of the reader.

Urdu Poetry

As you can probably see, the idea of this site is to help budding poets understand the prosody of Urdu sad poetry. The traditional method is to read several books and practice along the way. However, this can be a sure way to exhaust this interest given the amount of content that is included in these books.
On the contrary, this website not only for Atbaf Abrak poetry. We also upload famous poetry of ALLAMA IQBAL, AHMED FARAZ, WASI SHAH, JAUN ELIA, FAIZ AHMED FAIZ, QATEEL SHIFAI, and PARVEEN SHAKIR.
The best part of all this is that the website is completely free. It was designed for the benefit of the public and will continue to be so. Do not wait any longer, let the poet out in you.